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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Know more About Clutch Bags Types

An outfit isn’t immaculate without the coordinated up assistants to supplement your look. One of the broadly unmistakable adornments is the cluthes. The hand or hanging cluthes are all the rage simply for that additional star it adds to your dressing. Extending from high to low, handcrafted to machine made, brilliant to unpretentious hues, grips are the great to convey your basics with all assortment of dresses.

Envelope Cased Clutch Bags

Figuring out how to compliment that cocktail dress for the evening party. Pair up your dressing with the stylish envelope cased clutch bags. The rectangular envelope style is a walk out of the normal round shaped clutches. The classic look makes it an easy go with office wear or even casual attire. The style mixes the contemporary look with the touch of vintage style.

Potlis’ Clutch Bags

reaching out of proximities to add up with a different look, sum up your dressing with the ever gorgeous and comfortable potli clutch. With the traditional look, it is light in weight and doesn’t overshadow your dressing. An easy way to carry your essentials with ease and also serving the purpose to support your dressing. Potli clutches are a great match with Indian outfits for an auscpious function or it can also be a great wear with the casual western attire for outings.

Sparkly Glitterati Clutch Bags

Share the joy of dressing for that evening with the bling clutch designs. The glittery look and shiny patterns can’t stop one to keep looking at them again and again. Style up your outfit and carry the trendy look with the flashy and bold show clutches. It adds that sparkle to your personality and gives you that gleaming look even when the suns down.

Sling clutch

With the idea of ease in dressing, the sling clutch is a combination of clutch which can be dually be used. With the comfort of hanging and also the complimentary stylish look makes it more reachable to people. Soothe your dressing with the decent clutch purses and be the trend setter of the season.

Traditional clutch bags

Reviving the culture, the fashion creators have brought the idea to relive our old heritage with the clutch bags. The traditional patterns, embroidery designs, subtle hue combinations and varied styles are grabbing eyeballs. The stylish and appealing vintage look with the touch of modern style makes it adorable and much wanted designs of the time.

How to Buy a Quality Watch?

I went to a little shop that was offering marked, personality you, “marked” watches. There were a wide assortment of watches accessible. I got excessively fascinated and got one. When I achieved home, I understood that the person had conned me!

I was crushed by it and pledged that day that I’ll impart this to you individuals that stuff like this happens a considerable measure! It is extremely fundamental that we comprehend the contrast amongst genuine and fake brands.

A men’s watch is an indication of taste, where you are in life and it’s something that shouldn’t be “faked”. Give me a chance to illuminate, an extraordinary watch can be purchased at exceptionally moderate costs. I’ll share a few tips on purchasing a quality watch at a decent cost.

Firstly, have a good knowledge of watches. Educate yourself with all kinds of classic watches as people have a lot of misconceptions regarding it. There’s enough information available on every brand of watch on various blogs created by watch-lovers. Go through them once before buying a watch.

Understand the true value of every watch. Trust me on this, people don’t know the approximate cost of a watch and they buy it and get tricked. Remember my holiday fiasco? I’m not proud of it but well, it happens to the best of us. Well, after that I thoroughly went to all brands and came across a couple of them which I find being the best deal in the market. My personal favorite is MN Watches ( which are stylish and trendy. This is one of the best watch brands to buy online and very affordable.

Please make sure that you know the pricing of the watches that you buy. Keep updated with the latest price of the brands and its quality. Don’t ever get ripped off while buying a watch!

One of the most important thing, wear a watch that amplifies your style. A watch is reflection to one’s personality. Choose a watch that compliments your personality the most. There are varieties of watches available in the market. Take a good look and then buy one.

Designer Girl’s Tops

On the off chance that one asks present day mold cognizant ladies to give some examples must-have outfits, young lady’s tops will without a doubt have a place in their rundown. There are sure circumstances when it is more suitable and amusing to be in this current ladies’ outfit. Dressing in tops does not infer that you need to look girly or ‘excessively youthful’ rather ladies having a place, making it impossible to any age gathering can make delightful and modern looks in women tops. In this article, let us discuss a portion of the styles in this outfit can give a shot in arm to ladies’ normal looks. These tops look incredible on young ladies and in addition women.

Silk shirts

Similar to silk kurtis, silk pullovers or tops for ladies are back in style. Conservative silk shirts in numerous exquisite shading blends and weaving design have hit the commercial centers. They are most appropriate for those ladies, who are hunting down exquisite and tasteful western wear to wear on office events, Sunday Brunches. Young ladies can join silk shirts with snappy long ethnic skirts while going out for motion picture date with companions.


Wearing tunics and skinnies is one of the easiest way to create a polished casual look. Just wear hip length designer tops or tunics with wide legged palazzo, add a trendy sandal, tote bag and you are done! Tunics look great on middle aged ladies as well as young girls. Some old ladies often say that they want look and feel comfortable as well as trendy. They can wear oversized tunics with fitted trousers to achieve sexy, comfortable look.

Lace Tops

Lace tops are extremely feminine and versatile. One of the best features is that no matter what a woman’s body shape or body scale is, delicate lace fabric fits pretty much everyone. Girls can wear them with denims or include them in their work outfit; embellished lace tops can be worn to parties or other special events.

Crop tops

Just like palazzo pants, western dresses and jumpsuits, 70s and 80’s popular fashion trend, crop tops have made a comeback in mainstream women’s fashion circuits. They are great for weekends, vacations, running errands or casual dates. The garment gives ceaseless comfort. Croppped tops gel well with almost all women’s leg wear clothing.

Party wear tops

It is an item in women’s wardrobe which they save for special occasions. You may keep a metallic sequine top for night dance party or top that includes pretty embellishments for romantic dinner. Shoppers can easily find special occasion tops online to create super stylish looks quite instantly. Girls can opt for stylish wedges having simple cuts and few accessories to balance their party look in these tops.

Man Bag’s Trends

Until a couple of years back they would be viewed as quite recently flashy limbs. In any case, the situation has changed, with one in each five extravagance packs sold is a man sack. Who said men needn’t bother with sacks? What else would hold the portable PC, wallet, telephone, cardholder, business cards, and keys? Packs are one of those extras that serve work and in addition design. Obviously, the hardest part is to pick the correct one that would fill in as an utility while adding another component to your look. To make your errand simpler, here are the five most smoking men pack styles of the season.


The name is an unmistakable sign of the reason. While each man should have no less than one exemplary calfskin holdall in his collection, texture and fleece holdalls are similarly as well known. Despite the fact that fleece is for the most part utilized for sews and outerwear, it likewise makes for luxuriously finished packs. To add some moment spirit to your outfit, consider either tweed or herringbone prints to convey some vintage pizazz to your look or a plain dark or charcoal dim plan to channel the games luxury incline. Ensure your texture holdalls are covered and sprinkled with a defender shower to protect them from the components.


Not the sole preserve of hikers anymore, the backpack has now made its mark as one of the most stylish bags for men. Leather backpacks are all the rage now, with traditional synthetics like nylon being traded for premium leather, and cheap buckles for polished, tough-as-nails hardware. Don’t mistake backpacks for just casual style. Today’s leather backpacks are smarter and sleeker, and go with just about anything, from tailored ensembles to everyday looks.

The Gym Bag

There’s good news for those too lazy to hit the gym. Now, you needn’t have to hit the gym in order to carry a gym bag. With sports luxe the latest trend on all major runways, men’s barrel bags have also been getting quite a makeover. You’re as likely to see them on the street or on a designer as a pair of trainers and track pants. Look for nylon or cotton options in solid colours to be fit both for the gym and outside.

The Modern Briefcase

With a phone, iPad, laptop, e-reader, and their coiled chargers taking up most space, an old-fashioned briefcase just doesn’t work anymore. The new-age briefcase is specifically built for the modern man and his beloved gadgets. Stylish exteriors with zip closures, padded interiors, and sturdy fastenings are just some of the features of the modern briefcase.

The Portfolio Bag

The style and elegance a portfolio bag or folio brings to your look is still quite unmatched. Of late, a folio has become less of a utility and more of an accessory that makes you stand out in a crowd. Choose one in leather and a solid colour like black, charcoal, or navy to be able to carry it with everything from your everyday jeans to boardroom formals.

While it’s easy to get swayed by all the different bag styles for men in the market today, keep in mind both fashion and functionality when making a selection. The best one will complement most of your outfits while also carrying all your essentials.